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GTA Vice City Burn: The Best Mod for Fans of Fire and Chaos

please give a link tonk to download the application file onlyI have downloaded this setup from mega syncAll files are extracted but only application is not because it is having trojan horse virusplease give the gta vice city burn game launcher link

GTA Vice City Burn

Other Information: We have set up new things and have typical speed and bearing, and just to motors have sped up and heading is ideal the speed to go. Options: Local and building houses and changing in certain nations contained premises, and have added publicizing and logo-t just that help us and our administrations that you offer, and we add 1 scaffold over city which associates you to every one of the towns which are situated on the guide, however to have added guides and a few monikers that can be discovered all the more without any problem.

No, currently, there is no cheat to get money on GTA Vice City. However, one can earn money quickly using different methods. To start with, one can activate the FULLCITYPEOPLEMINES cheat code to get the properties in the city. Users can then sell some of these properties to earn money quickly.

First, you need to get a fire truck. You can steal it at one of the fire departments or call 911. One fire truck is enough even if four players perform the mission. The fact is that in addition to extinguishing burning cars, you have to fend off endlessly spawning enemies.

Once you reach the burning cars, shoot the enemies that are close to you and those who are on the cranes. The rest enemies will spawn endlessly, so neutralize them only in case of extreme danger. Time to extinguish fires is limited to five minutes.


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