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Microsoft Edge Gets A New Extensions Menu

This caused a lot of users to suggest to Microsoft that it should add a dedicated extensions menu to the browser. Fortunately, the tech giant has listened to their pleas and has added a way for you to manage your extensions better.

Microsoft Edge Gets A New Extensions Menu

This extension menu allows you to hide one or more of your extensions from the toolbar. Furthermore, you can directly visit the Edge add-ons site to install more extensions or the extensions management page using the two links provided in the menu.

If you dislike this new menu and rather have all your extensions visible at all times, you can customize the toolbar and get rid of the menu. This will send it back from whence it came and let you use your extensions in peace once more.

The latest version of the Microsoft Edge Dev browser now includes an experimental Extensions menu that offers a more organized way to manage the installed extensions in the browser. In order to use this feature, though, you will need to start Edge with special command line arguments, which we will describe in this article.

This new extensions menu makes it easier for users to manage extensions and it's a handy feature if you have a lot of extensions enabled in Edge. This feature lists all extensions installed in the browser separately on a dedicated expandable menu which can be accessed by tapping extensions icon integrated into the browser's toolbar as shown below.

Each list item of the policy is a string that contains an extension ID and, optionally, an "update" URL separated by a semicolon (;). The extension ID is the 32-letter string found, for example, on edge://extensions when in Developer mode. If specified, the "update" URL should point to an Update Manifest XML document ( =2095043 ). By default, the Microsoft Edge Add-ons website's update URL is used. The "update" URL set in this policy is only used for the initial installation; subsequent updates of the extension use the update URL in the extension's manifest.

If you disable this policy, users can't print from Microsoft Edge. Printing is disabled in the wrench menu, extensions, JavaScript applications, and so on. Users can still print from plug-ins that bypass Microsoft Edge while printing. For example, certain Adobe Flash applications have the print option in their context menu, which isn't covered by this policy.

If configured, this policy makes a choice on behalf of the user. The options in edge://settings/shareCopyPaste will be grayed out, and the options in the 'Paste As' context menu will not be available.

With the new menu, users can move extensions from the toolbar to a special flyout. From there, you can toggle visibility and go to extension-specific settings to customize individual options. Also, there is a link to the Add-ons Store for Microsoft Edge, so you can quickly get new extensions.

The new feature is currently rolling out to Edge Insiders in the Dev and Canary channels. It is important to note that it is a part of a controlled feature roll-out, which means only a subset of insiders gets the update first. Microsoft would make it available to more users if there are no significant bugs or compatibility issues. Learn more about the new Extensions menu in Microsoft Edge from the official Tech Community Forum post.

Now, most of my extensions have no configuration options, however 8 to 12 of them do. So in the old way I could have the 3 most commonly used ones pinned to the toolbar while the rest are ordered in the dock. The top ones had either toggle functions when clicked or some menu that I used on an occasional basis.

The new Extensions menu button has been added to Microsoft Edge toolbar to help users in managing their extensions easily and quickly. Users can uninstall or remove existing installed extensions, find new extensions and launch main Extensions page quickly using the new Extensions menu button right from Microsoft Edge toolbar.

Please advise me how to get rid of microsoft edge from my pc once and for ever. This browser is useless for me. Every time I get uninstalled windows will update and screw up my PC. all is send to the cloud even my personal files I want to keep on my computer

If you cannot see the HttpWatch icon in Chrome go to the Chrome menu and select More Tools->Extensions or enter chrome://extensions in the location bar. Check that the HttpWatch extension is installed and it is enabled.The HttpWatch extension may be missing from the extension page if it has been manually removed in the past. You can add it again by visiting the HttpWatch extension page in the Chrome Web Store:

If you cannot see the HttpWatch icon in Edge go to the Edge menu and select Extensions or enter edge://extensions in the location bar. Check that the HttpWatch extension is installed and it is enabled.The HttpWatch extension may be missing from the extension page if it has been manually removed in the past. You can add it again by visiting the HttpWatch extension page in the Microsoft Store:

Here you need to enable the extension toggling the radio button. Then open the extension in the extensions menu of the browser, this will launch the setup page where you can configure the URL of the website that should be opened everytime the user clicks on New tab. In my case I'm going to use Google's Website, then click on save:

If you are on a device managed by your organization you will NOT see the option to Allow sites to be reloaded in Internet Explorer under edge://settings/defaultbrowser to allow Internet Explorer mode through the More tools menu.


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