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What is odd-even betting? 8 Effective odd-even betting strategies

What is odd-even? This type of betting has fairly simple and easy-to-understand rules and ways to play. Therefore, the following article will guide you through some odd-even betting strategies of the pros. Let's understand the concept of odd-even virtual sports betting with bet win tips.

What is odd-even?

It is a type of betting used by bookmakers for football betting. This type of bet is based on the total number of goals scored in a match. Players will predict whether the total number of goals scored in the entire match is odd or even.

Then, players will continue to place bets on either odd or even. If the final result matches the prediction, you win the bet and receive the reward.

This type of betting mainly relies on luck, as the exact score cannot be predicted in advance.

However, you can still rely on some information to make predictions with higher accuracy.

Other odd-even betting types from Thabet bet bookmaker

Usually, online bookmakers like Thabet will offer odds. But there are many variations of this type, so you should check them out.

Odd/Odd: The home team and the away team each score an odd number.

Odd/Even: The home team scores an odd number, and the away team scores an even number.

Even/Odd: The home team scores an even number, and the away team scores an odd number.

Even/Even: Both the home team and the away team score an even number.

Odds for the total number of yellow cards

Odds for the total number of corners and free kicks

Odds for the total number of fouls…

8 best low-cost betting strategies

Below, Thabet will summarize and share the 8 most accurate odd-even betting strategies today.

Understand the rules and bet at reasonable odds

There are very clear rules for odd-even betting. However, you must know that winning is not simple.

So before participating in betting, you need to thoroughly understand the rules, symbols appearing on the market, and related terms…

Learn about the game

Collecting and updating information about the tournaments you participate in is a mandatory and extremely important rule, directly affecting your chances of winning. The more information, the more detailed the information, and you must provide additional basis for the best betting odds.

Discover now: What are define bookmaker? Criteria for evaluating a reputable, high-quality bookmaker

Some important information to remember includes: win-loss ratios, form, previous head-to-head results of each team (if any), playing style of each team and players. Location…

Refer to injury situations and past head-to-head records of the two teams

In addition, the injury situation of the players is also a factor that cannot be ignored. Because this greatly affects the bookmaker's betting. Accurate news needs to be regularly consulted and updated.

Many people may not pay attention to the past. But in football, the history of head-to-head matches also reflects a lot. Because there are many teams, there are usually "ban enemies" from the other side.

Detailed statistics of past goals of both teams

Because it is the scoreline, you should study carefully the number of goals conceded by both teams before placing bets. So, we need to know at least the number of goals scored in the last 5 matches. If the statistics are too small, there is not enough foundation, and if the statistics are too large, it will take too much time.

So, you will easily see the playing style of the team and individual performance. If the team wants to draw, the even odds often have a higher chance of winning.

Only consider even bets as a side bet

Odd-even betting is more opportunistic, so players should not bet too much money on this bet. Subtract about 10% of your stake to keep it even, and do not bet frequently.

Choose the right time to place odd-even bets

The timing of betting is also an important factor that affects your win-loss result. To bet fairly, consult the opinions of experienced players. In other words, you should not bet in the first half for a match between two evenly matched teams.

Usually, the first half of the game is as above. The first half of the year will have many fluctuations, so the results are often difficult to predict. Therefore, be very careful when betting on such games. If you are inexperienced, we advise you to avoid betting in the first half.

Bet small to limit risks

This is an important experience that new players need to pay attention to. To avoid painful fraud from bookmakers, you should start with small bets. Because it is a random bet, you still have the risk of losing. Then, if you bet small, you will have the remaining amount to pay off the principal.

Know how to manage money when betting

As we said, odd-even betting has a high probability, so you need to carefully calculate the maximum capital amount. You must have the ability to pay to calculate the appropriate bet amount. Our recommendation is that you should only spend about 10% of your total revenue on betting games. To ensure that other expenses are not affected.

If you don't want to see your account run out of money quickly, manage your money very well. Do not abuse it, it is not really necessary.

It's best to allocate your betting money reasonably according to your initial betting strategy. At the same time, limit betting with a larger amount than the amount you currently have.

Choose doubling bets wisely

Not only that, the doubling strategy has also brought many good effects to players. If you know how to flexibly and appropriately apply it in different situations.

So, players should still refer to this long-standing strategy before placing bets. Because it has never been considered outdated.

If you know how to take advantage, doubling bets can be very effective when playing quickly. According to statistics, very few teams have more than 5 matches ending with an odd or even score.

Therefore, if you see that after 5 such games, the player can participate in the 6th game, bringing in a lot of money.


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