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identifies health care needs, assesses, implements, evaluates and documents the care provided. identifies needs that will not be met by routine nursing functions and uses other support personnel appropriately. accurately interprets data and works toward effective health education and counseling.

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is involved with the planning of overall care for patients or families. makes decisions that affect individual patients or health care decisions. assigns responsibilities, communicates, and documents the care plan so that there is continuity of care. develops, implements, and documents treatment plans for patients. participates in practice changes as necessary to meet the needs of the patient.

documents accurately and promptly in order to ensure that continuity of care is provided. records information from all sources about health status, findings, diagnoses, treatments, interventions, care and outcomes. observes, assesses, and records patient responses to therapy. participates in interdisciplinary team meetings,

implementing the plan of care is the fourth step in the nursing process. a lvn is responsible for provision of safe, compassionate and focused nursing care to assigned patients. within legal and regulatory parameters, the lvn is responsible for implementing aspects of the plan of care. the supervisor is generally responsible for oversight of the lvns practice. exceptions are made where applicable where assignment or delegation of specific nursing tasks to unlicensed assistive personnel (uaps) are made within legal, ethical, and regulatory parameters and in consideration of patient factors. delegation or assignment of specific nursing tasks to uaps is beyond the scope of practice for lvns.


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