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The Messenger Zip

It is generally accepted that the widely used, partial dopamine D(1) receptor agonist, SKF-38393, does not induce immediate early gene expression in striatal projection neurons unless D(1) receptors are sensitized and uncoupled from D(2) receptors by 6-hydroxydopamine lesions or reserpine treatment. In contrast, this study demonstrates, using quantitative in situ hybridization, that the full D(1) receptor agonist, SKF-82958, induced robust expression of c-fos and zif/268 messenger RNAs in the intact rat striatum, especially in the entire shell and medial and ventral core areas of the nucleus accumbens and olfactory tubercle, and in the cerebral cortex, 45 min after one injection. The induction of the striatal immediate early genes is characterized by (i) induction in only medium-sized spiny neurons, (ii) dose-dependent induction, which correlates well with dose-dependent increases in motor activity, and (iii) blockade by the D(1) receptor antagonist, SCH-23390. The muscarinic cholinergic receptor antagonist, scopolamine, which itself did not alter striatal gene expression, profoundly augmented the behaviors and expression of the two immediate early genes in the ventral and dorsal striatum induced by 0.1, 0.5 and 2.0 mg/kg SKF-82958. However, scopolamine attenuated basal, and SKF-82958-stimulated, expression of c-fos and zif/268 messenger RNAs in the cortex. Scopolamine also enabled SKF-38393 to induce locomotor stimulation and c-fos and zif/268 messenger RNA expression in the normosensitive striatum of the rat when SKF-38393 alone caused no such changes. These data demonstrate an ability of SKF-82958 to induce immediate early gene messenger RNA expression in normosensitive dorsal and ventral striatum. Furthermore, intrinsic muscarinic receptor-mediated cholinergic transmission in the striatum may provide an activity-dependent inhibitory control on striatal D(1) receptor stimulation.

The Messenger zip

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Multi-pocket messenger bag. Hand tooled vegetable tanned dark turquoise genuine leather. Leather lacing along the front of the bag pieces these perfectly paired colors together. Zipper pocket on front and back. Fits an ipad sized tablet. Adjustable shoulder strap. Also has an accordian style, zippered wallet compartment on back. Every American West product is hand tooled from hand dyed 100% leather cowhide. This adds to the beauty and individual variations to make your American West product truly unique. 10 x 10.5 x 2.5"Adjustable strap 15-28" drop

Old Angler messenger bag handcrafted in sustainable, soft Florentine Italian leather that has the full grain of the leather. It has an adjustable leather and canvas shoulder strap, 2 external zip pocket compartments and long top zip opening. There is a spacious interior with a padded compartment for a laptop. All plain lined with logo material and has numerous side zip pockets, mobile pouch.

Grab this must-have handbag! Perfect for every fashion-forward women, this unique messenger purse is guaranteed to be your new go-to. Mini messenger bag with adjustable strap. Exterior front and back pockets for easy grab-and-go items.

Whether you like to move by bike or on a scooter, or take walks around the city streets, this practical compact messenger bag is perfect for you. Store essential items inside and carry it on the shoulder with every outfit, from morning till night. Ready for your next extraordinary trip?

This is an authentic BOTTEGA VENETA Nappa Calfskin Intrecciato Loop Crossbody in Bottle. This stylish messenger bags crafted of tightly woven intrecciato green leather. The bag features a matching crossbody strap with aged gold hardware and a zipper closure. The zipper opens to a leather interior with a patch pocket.

Regular route Messenger Service is a subscription service that will provide messenger service for law firms located in the core areas of most major cities in Washington from Everett to Olympia and Spokane. Depending on your location, we will stop at your office once or twice every court business day to pick up and deliver court filings and return conformed copies from prior deliveries and filings. 041b061a72


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