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What's the meaning behind Couple Promise Rings Set?

A bit outdated in recent times Engagement still has significance in relation to the prospective spouse and in relation to family. Engagement is a promise to marriage, beginning from the day of engagement until the wedding. The wedding usually takes place one year later.

History of the engagement ring

Do you think that the big day will be soon near and he'll put the ring on your hand? However, one question remains unanswered. What does it mean to wear or put the engagement the ring on which finger?

In the past, it was customary to see brides wearing their engagement rings on the finger of their left hand. The medical wisdom of the time required that a vein, known as the Vena Amoris, or vein of love, connect the finger directly to the heart. The commitment was more intense and romantic.

The practice continues to be prevalent despite the fact that everyone knows that it is not true. Rings for engagements worn by women are always placed on the left finger. After the wedding ceremony the wedding ring is typically placed on the right finger.

Thirty years ago, an engagement could be thought of as a time to reflect to ensure that spouses will live together. It was also an opportunity to introduce the promise to the family, which isn't insignificant.

Nowadays, it is still the norm to give an engagement ring to the person you love. A small party could be held to celebrate the engagement. However, this is usually limited to a few individuals, such as siblings, parents and close family members. The couple engaged aren't necessarily believers, the engagement is now a common practice.

The engagement ring is constructed of silver or white gold, but it could be made from platinum to ensure its durability.

How to select an engagement ring

You've made the decision to get married, you're definitely engaged, it's evident. You'll need to complete several steps before you are able to enjoy the moment you have been waiting for. You will be awestruck by the ring that you got for the remainder of your life when you select it wisely.

Are you going to opt for a high-end model? A single? You may prefer to sell a ring that was worn by your grandmother or mother. Each engagement ring is unique... Depending on the shape and design that attracts her the most and the rose gold engagement ring or diamond engagement ring can be the preferred. The design of the ring may differ however, the charm remains.

Bezel set, halo or claw or cathedral setting, there are various ways to highlight the beauty of a stone, particularly a diamond, on rings. We're talking about solitaire or accompanied solitaire, also known as trilogy which is the term used to describe three stones side by side and of identical size. The white gold engagement ring that holds its precious stones is available in many different settings, including rail grain, pave, French or Castle.

These designs are elegant without being extravagant. Gems can be placed on the entire ring or just a part, depending on the style you prefer. The sapphire engagement ring with ruby, emerald, and diamond is a timeless classic. Each stone has a specific meaning for instance: diamond represents purity, innocence and purity; emerald is a symbol of love; opal represents hope; the pearl signifies health and longevity and the sapphire symbolizes fidelity and wisdom.

Also, the precious metal chosen will have a significance for the engagement ring, such as the semi-precious or precious stones that are chosen in addition to the overall appearance of the diamond. The symbol of eternity, the diamond engagement ring is undoubtedly the most used combination. Ruby red represents the joy of the union and the love of the young couple. This precious stone is rare and makes it a distinctive piece of jewelry.

The engagement ring is timeless

The significance of the 4Cs in relation to engagement rings

Whatever your budget, know that the specific elements of your engagement rings will determine the price of the jewelry. You might have heard of the "4C rule" when selecting precious stones: Carat is the weight of the gemstone Cut: quality of the cut. Clarity : number of inclusions in the stone (the lower the number, the greater the quality) Color: the color of the diamond. The range of colors is from D for white, to M for yellowish. In order to determine the total cost of the diamond it is essential to consider these features for each stone. The design and the complexity of the ring determine its value, which will determine the price.

The formalization and formalization of love

If your budget is high or a little less, don't forget that the engagement ring is above all the ideal way to express your love. It is the very first sign of your marriage and should reflect your happiness as well as the love of his. The jewelry should be able to withstand the test of time, and the diamond is the most resistant precious stone.

The wedding ring and engagement ring

It is advised to utilize yellow gold for your engagement ring, particularly when it is paired with white gold, another premium precious metal, for the wedding band. There is no absolute rule in this area, especially as uses tend to evolve slowly. As natural diamonds of large size become increasingly rare, an elegant cut stone is an excellent choice if you want your engagement ring to be the most impressive statement possible next to a less formal wedding band.


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